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Expert Care

Additional training and intentional efforts towards familiarity with research allow providers to perform evaluations, testify in court, and provide treatment in complex psychological matters involving potential legal issues. Our services include court appointed child custody evaluations, consultation, and expert testimony in cases related to family law, personal injury and criminal situations. Other services for the court include parent facilitation, court related psychotherapy and estrangement and reunification issues involving families.

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Recommendations for the court's consideration regarding conservatorship, access, and possession are made which are deemed to be in the best interest of the child. Each parenting plan is based on the unique needs of the child and perceived contributions of each parent to the child's healthy development. A report of approximately 30 pages is filed with the court. This document is often useful for mediation purposes and other settlement conferences.


Parenting coordination is a process utilized to facilitate communication between divorced or separated individuals regarding safety, educational, and health related issues of their child. In addition, other important topics of co-parenting are discussed with the goal of enabling parents to reach a mutual decision regarding the best interest of their children. Past issues and difficulties are rarely dealt with due to the fact that current and future welfare of the children is paramount. This process is confidential, with the exception of reporting compliance.


Parenting facilitation assists parents in functioning in a cooperative manner with a goal of providing mutual agreement on issues of co-parenting. An effort is made to focus on current and future issues as opposed to resolution of past conflicts. This process is not confidential and the results can be reported to attorneys and the court.


Courts often order therapy providing protection and support for children and their parents related to matters in family law cases. At times, therapy may be necessary in an effort to facilitate reunification of children and parents. In general, this results in children having a greater voice in court proceedings. This therapy is not confidential.


Psychological testing and evaluations related to criminal and civil matters are conducted in cases where an individual's level of functioning is an important consideration by the court.


Consultation for a single party involved in litigation will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Expert witness services on specific topics, when evaluation of the parties has not occurred, are provided based on clinical experience and relevant research.

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