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Licensed Psychologist

Sally Harris Falwell, a Dallas native, named psychology as a career interest as early as high school. Progressing through her Bachelor’s, she jumped head long into her first Master’s degree and finished with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Her focus on program development and evaluation readied her for later interests in negotiation and leadership development, and her dissertation research on psychology and technology set the stage for her relevant work with those struggling with the impact social media and technology has on their well-being. Her training included work with the seriously mentally ill, juvenile delinquency programs, geriatrics, adults in private practice, and war veterans at the VA, readying her for work with individuals who desire to bravely change their personal legacy. Sally’s background made her eager to cultivate her own practice, one that would allow her to engage her kind, savvy, and straight-forward manner effectively with clients and their respective interests. Sally’s approach to her practice of psychology offers energy and attentiveness that sets her apart.

Dr. Falwell’s private practice, Legacy, opened its doors in 2006. Since then, Sally has facilitated the health and change of clients with diverse interests and needs. In 2014 she became a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF) to further broaden her experience focusing on wholehearted living. She commonly works with individual adult men and women experiencing major life change, painful surprises, major disappointments, or heavy frustrations. Sally also began to focus her consultation work in the areas of collaborative law, mediation and negotiation, with hopes to change the emotional challenges in legal battles. Sally brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, and nuanced perspective that makes her work a vibrant solution for interested clients. Sally believes that what makes a therapy experience thrive is the individual that drives it and the legacy they are looking to bravely build.

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Clinical Psychology


Licensed Psychologist:

Colorado #3363 (2009)

Texas #36883 (2014)

Virginia #0810004425 (2011)

Licensed Professional Counselor:
State of Texas #71360 (2013)
State of Virginia #0701003951 (2006)


REGENT UNIVERSITY - Doctorate, Clinical Psychology, 2006

REGENT UNIVERSITY - M.A.,Clinical Psychology, 2004

REGENT UNIVERSITY - M.A.,Community Counseling, 2002

SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY, Dispute Resolution and Executive Coaching Program (Current)


Mediation and Negotiation

Harvard Law School, Negotiation Institute (HNI) - Negotiation Workshop, June 2017

Family Law Mediation Training, 2015

Mediation Training, 2014

The Daring Way

Certified Daring Way Facilitator, 2014

The Gottman Institute

Treating Affairs and Trauma, May 2017

Couples and Addiction Recovery, May 2017

Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Level 1, 2007

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To read more of Dr. Falwell's background, download her C.V. here.

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